How to wear cardigans (again)

Minus temperatures in Paris right now just make you want to carry your blanket around.

Which you actually can do. If you wear some fluffy warm cardigans for instance.

But cardigans can be tricky and lead you to a bed look… In the bad way.

Here are my tips to stylishly wear cardigans.

I. Choose the right cardigan for you

A. Lenght

1. Hips to crotch length

Those are the lengths that suits everyone no matter how tall you are.


And act blasé, you’ll be even more cool

2. Mid-tights length 

I recommend this length for rather tall girl.

If you are petite you can try it on top of a short dress as if it was part of the dress or/and add some heels.

Choose a nice quality fabric. The longer the cardigan, the more attention its fabric gets.


Mango and salt

3. Knee length or longer

Really looks best on tall girls.

Choose a very nice fabric. Rather not too thin.


Fashion me Now carrying her bag with nonchalance for the picture

4. Cropped length

Very cute on high waisted skirts or jeans.

Not recommended for girls with big breasts.


Urban outfitters

B. Shape

1. Straight

This shape features vertical lines that go straight near the curves of your body. They are neither hugging, neither oversize.

Straight cardigans can be fluid or have a more rigid fabric.

They fit everyone and make curvy girls look leaner when worn opened.


Les babioles de Zoé

2. Boxy

Boxy cardigans have some volume to them. They are kind of larger than the body.

Therefore they have a somehow rigid fabric.

I recommend you to avoid them if you tend to carry your muscles or weight on your upper body.


Les petites

3. Fitted

Only the cardigans that are short look nice when fitted. Otherwise you will not be able to comfortably walk for instance and it will display the details or what you wear underneath like the pockets of your jeans.

It shall also be fitted to you breasts: do not make it look like they want to break free.


Masters models

C. Cut

1. No collar, no buttons

This is the easiest most minimal shape you can find.

They suit everyone and are easy to style.

The good thing is that they form vertical lines without having to care about it.

You can wear them opened or closed loosely with a belt if you have a defined waist.



2. Round collar

This is a cute girly shape.

It usually comes with buttons and has quite a classic feel.

This shape looks best when worn closed because when you open it, the round collar does not stay still and make weird shapes at its angles.

But if it is close to the body and it stands still like on the pic underneath this is cool.

KATE MOSS British Model. B55 039555 08.11.1994

Kate Moss who could look cool in a twin-set so that is not really fair

3. V neck

Like mens cardigans.

They can go from super short to long.

They look good because their shape create a flattering V break in your outfit.


4. Layered necklines

Ok, I must say I do not like them.

Maybe because all that I see are cheap versions?

D. Fabric

The cardigan is a knit. Generally knits deserve a quality fabric and fabrication…

So basically: the longer your cardigan is, the more careful you shall be about its fabric (otherwise …).

When you want to conceal your curves, do not go for something too fluid like cashmere.

When you do not want to add volume on the top, I suggest you to avoid bulky fabrics.

And if you wish to add some fluffiness to your tiny skinny you, go for those rather than for fine knits ^^



II. Style it! 

1. Open it

I love the cool look that an opened straight cardigan gives to an outfit.

I am referring to those cardigans that have the shape that is meant to be opened and not to the round collars ones.


Sincerely Jules

2. Close it

A rather short and closed cardigan is meant to be styled just like a sweater with jeans, pants, skirts…

If it has a large V neck, it won’t appear too bulky and will fit any bodytype.



3. Layer it

I love the thin layer under the cardigan.

Such as a delicate dress or a thin top.


But I am aware that this is not always weather appropriate.

So why not try a shirt or a long sleeves top?

And if the layer shows on the bottom: that’s cool!

4. Belt it

Most of the time this style trick is poorly achieved.

Belting is only interesting if you have a thin waist to define.

This can have a nice pin-up style effect.


Miss Pandora

It can work on a thin or on a bulky cardigan.


I am not a fan of belting a very opened cardigan.

Some of my most faithful readers may have noticed I already wrote an article on the same topic (where is my minnnnd?). Anyway. I checked and… turns out this one is really different. More technical I’d say. More focussed on the cardigan itself than on how to match it.

So the two are complementary ^^

I did some cardigan shopping for you:

And you? How do you wear your cardigans? 

Bises de Paris, 


Cover collage: Urban outfitters, Des petits hauts

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  1. This is the perfect blog for anybody who really wants to find out about this topic.

  2. Alexandra says:

    J’adore votre blog. Je ne commente jamais les blogs mode, mais je trouve que le votre mele tres bien les codes de la mode contemporaine avec les notions essentielles de morphologie, de confort et de simple elegance. Je lis chez vous ce que je n’arrive pas toujours a formuler face a une tenue qui ne fonctionne pas.

  3. Janice says:

    A few years back when we lived in NY, a very stylish 80 something year old woman of our acquaintance wore a cashmere cardigan backwards with pearls and a formal skirt to an event. She looked marvelous (she always did).

  4. Caroline says:

    Complètement contre le port du gilet qui ne sied pas à une silhouette épaules rondes et forte poitrine…

  5. I loved this guide, especially the parts about the fabric weight.

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