How to dress when it is freezing cold

Sometimes people feel like their can’t be stylish in the depth of winter because their style is covered up in layers… Indeed. But why not make what covers you up what styles you up?

Note that I am talking freezing cold Paris weather which is minus one celsius or so. Not freezing cold Chicago where you might loose a toe (so better gear up accordingly.)

I/ Wise accessorizing
In the heart of winter accessorizing’s first purpose is to keep you warm. As this is the visible tip of your clothes iceberg, you may as well use it to level up your style.

If you only own one or two simple coats, accessories are your best chance to escape style boredom.

1/ Oversize scarf

Let it hang like a blanket or roll it as if you had a stiff neck (a stylish one).

Own one classic along with fun ones (with some prints and colours).

Alice Catherine

2/ Beanies

Dare a bold color. Red is great. But what about ultraviolet?

Of course, if you have other loud accessories, a basic beanie will be your go to.

This sartorialized lady makes the hat be the star of her outfit

Think complementary colours

3/ Creative gloves

Pernille is wearing a leopard coat along along with shiny red gloves. 

What about trying those with a black coat?

4/ Tights

The lovely Daphne, Pauline and Emilie are wearing light coats for this joyful vintage colorful tights photoshoot but you could insert such bright legs in a wintery outfit. 

When you are properly covered up with a warm coat, thick shoes and a big scarf, I promise tights won’t make you get cold.

5/ Get far away from the ground with thick soles or high block heels

Such shoes will both keep you warm and prevent you from sliding if you opt for non smooth soles.

A resistant stylish shoe with some heel/sole is what you need like this lady captured by collage vintage

The cure to below zero temperatures is provided by Doc Martens

6/ Be all earrings

They are the only piece of jewelry that can be seen when you are walking outside. Use them!

Linda V Right of Crimson cashmere sweater wearing artsy red earrings

7/ Make your bag be noticed

It’s the bag’s time to shine!

Caroline Issa by Stockholm streetstyle

II/ Style your cores

1/ Get a stylish coat

You shall own an atemporal one with a neutral color that will match everything you own and can be accessorized in many different ways.
You can then add a second more daring option to your wardrobe: like a printed or bold coloured one.

This plaid coat is in between: the print makes it interesting yet the neutral colors keep it easy to blend.

2/ Wear printed pants

A good way to bring back some spice when you have chosen neutrals on top

Trop rouge

3/ Wear long skirts

With wool tight underneath. You’ll feel like you never left your pajamas.

Like in this Ada Kokosar look, they’ll add movement to your outfit. 

4/ Turtlenecking everything

To be warm and stylish from underneath.

Found on a love is blind

5/ Think structure

Curated accessories and silhouette balance enable you to create an elegant outfit in a monochrome black.














Lovely Linda V Wright client keeping it stylish with perfectly cut clothes

And voilà! I go back to my warm cup of tea.

Bises de Paris,


7 Responses to “How to dress when it is freezing cold”
  1. Eugénie says:

    Bien d’accord pour les collants ! On est mieux qu’avec un jean quand il fait froid… D’ailleurs c’est les jours de neige que je sors des collants 100 deniers, des grosses chaussettes et les Dr Martens, ce sont des valeurs sûres. Et des collants mouillés sèchent bien plus vite qu’un jean les jours de grosse pluie.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Super contente de vous retrouver !!
    Vivement l’année prochaine pour de nouveaux conseils.

  3. MABdePARIS says:

    Quel plaisir de vous relire.
    Un coup de soleil dans cette journée plutôt morose!
    Allez, au moins un post par trimestre, c’est trop demandé?

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