How to dress for a week-end in the countryside?

As you read me I just come back from 4 days in Ardèche.

My friends where making “le pont” (the bridge). Which means taking an additional day off. When bank holiday happen on a thursday, you take the friday off.

Have a look…

saint maurice d'ibie

Saint Maurice d’Ibie. Photo: François Barbier

Just the kind of place where you chill with you friends and give up being elegant right?

Which I sort of did.

But not entirely.

At least for the aesthetic pleasure of not looking ugly in front of such a beautiful background ^^

It is “art de vivre” I think. As well as having nice food or a well decorated house.

Here are some easy tricks to look (quite) stylish even though you are far away from any town and you do not want to be bothered with outfit composition.

I/ What kind of clothes?

1. Pack nice clothes

If this is not the day you are going to walk in the brambles and climb mountainous paths, there is no reason to dress in sporty fabrics or spoiled clothes.

Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are perfect. Viscose can be nice too.

2. Yet comfortable

Nothing too tight or cinched. Hey! It is holidays!

Except if the fabric is super stretchy.

3. And practical

Clothes you can put on in no time when getting dressed.

II/What clothes?

1. Dresses

Dresses are perfect for any activities.

Except those that include brambles.

There is no reason not going for a walk in a dress.

Plus they are the easiest piece of clothes to put on.

No need to thing about a pairing or any complicated thing like that.

Choose them in a light, natural fabric with a comfortable cut.

– Short dresses

Some short dresses I love:

Jean dress

Striped dress

Orange sundress

If those dresses are too short for you, prefer midi dresses that are just as easy to walk with.

etsy flower dress


marine vacht

Marine Vacht

the sartorialist

The Sartorialist

– Long dresses

Rather for evening or chilling times.

Some long dresses I love:

Long floral wrap dress

Boho white oversize dress

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

2. Shorts

Ok, there is a tiny problem with short dresses: they can be trouble to sit with.

Short are easier to deal with for that reason.

My favorites?

The cutout jeans in short or longer version. They are very versatile

If they do not contain any stretch they might not be the most comfortable though.

The short skirt can also be a clever choice

Shorts I love:

Rust color jean shorts

Kaki short skirt



3. Pants

If you do not feel like showing your legs or if the weather gets cold, pants will be useful.

Jeans are great cause they are not fragile and if they contain the right amount of stretch, they are just as comfortable as leggings.

Pants I love:

Beige chino pants

– any jeans

jazzabelles diary

Jazzabelles diary

4. Skirts

Just like dresses: easy to wear, can be long or short but, you have to find a top, so a bit less easy.

Same, choose comfortable fabrics and cut and you are good to go!

countryside dress

5. Tops

Pack a few T-shirts, they are very easy to wear, comfortable and will complete skirts, shorts and pants outfits.

You could also opt for more sophisticated pieces like cotton lace boho tops, sleeveless or long sleeved shirts, camis, etc.

Some tops I love:

Chambray shirt  (wear with rolled sleeves)

Shorts sleeve denim shirt

Simple tank top

6. Sweaters, cardigans

It gets chilly sometimes.

Pack coton or wool sweaters or cardigans that you can throw on top of your outfits.

Sweater and cardigans I love:

Oversize cotton sweater

Colored cardigan

stella tenant vogue paris 1996

Stella Tenant Vogue Paris 1996

7. Outerwear

Pack a raincoat. You’ll be happy to have it. And there are some stylish ones.

Check the brands K-way or Petit Bateau for instance.

A cotton jacket such as a military jacket can also be a nice alternative to the cardigan.

red k way


8. Shoes

A pair of flat sandals and a pair of cotton sneakers, are all you need!

You could also opt for clogs. They are very comfortable and easy to walk with.

Shoes I love:

Natural leather sandals

Snake printed leather sandals

“liberty” printed cotton sneakers


Bosabo found on waitandsee

9. Hat and or sunglasses

Do not forget them if you go in the sun 🙂

Hats will also instantly make your moment look more romantic.

For the countryside, my favourites are straw hats.

Pay attention that they are made of real straw or paper but no synthetic fabric.

Some hats I love:

Small hat

Wide brimmed hat

BB sixties

Brigitte Bardot

10. Scarves

Bring one cotton or linen scarf for colder days and evenings

III/ How to style all that?

Good thing, everything goes with everything!

Well, except for a few colors and prints of course.

The aim is too loose no time to dress in the morning.

Last tip, stay true to yourself. Do not disguise as a Little house character if you are more of a minimalist girl.

All the aforementioned clothes can be picked in any style!

And do not play “countryside girl” while actually being dressed like a girl in the city for dresses like a girl of the country but actually ends up looking ridiculous in the country cause people can tell she is just faking it.

Get what I mean? Click there for visual explanations.

run in flowers

Lalalala… Running in the flowers…

And you? Do you love to take a break in the countryside?

5 Responses to “How to dress for a week-end in the countryside?”
  1. Izzy says:

    Ahh this is actually such a useful article – so thank you for writing this! Honestly I’ve wanted to live in the country since I was a tiny little girl, but I did grow up reading Enid Blyton books, so it’s no surprise really! I’m beyond myself with excitement now moving day is approaching, and the kids are super excited – especially as dad has promised them a tree house (let alone the fact that dad has absolutely no idea how to build one – bless him). Still even though i’m super excited to be going, I am starting to panic slightly about all the things I need. Living in the city we don’t have a garden or anything so lack of wellies and picnic blankets and warm jackets are lacking to say the least. Does anyone know of anywhere I can go to buy some country ‘accessories’ so to speak?

  2. V says:


    A priori, j aurais laissé tombé….maintenant ça demande plus de réflexion surtout en voyant des pièces qui peuvent s’adapter à plusieurs occasions ( gros pull, robe longue…).
    Le ciré framboise est sublime, je ne parle même pas de la coupe ( que j’aime beaucoup) …A méditer, à méditer ….

    Bonne journée

  3. cécile says:

    Quand je vais à la campagne, Ginette Quechua n’est effectivement jamais très loin. Je suis toujours à la recherche du beau pull, chaud et moelleux qui donnera une classe folle à mon jean. Alors, en attendant, confort oblige, je sors ma polaire qui pique un peu les yeux. Ah oui, moi, à la campagne, j’ai toujours froid 😀

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