Fashion week inspiration: Paris

This fashion month finish beautifully in Paris with heterogeneous runways. From couture allure to easy to wear silhouettes.

Here are some of my crushes

1/ Ultra subtle shades gradation

A variation of the monochrome trend that has been on since two seasons.

I literally fell in love with Nina Ricci’s collection by Guillaume Henry which colors and shapes are beyond perfect. (Anyway I have been his love with his work since his first year at Carven).

His way to match color so close from another yet subtly different is a masterpiece.

Notice also how each fabric has a different texture is this collection.

Nina Ricci

Camel + caramel + rosewood + warm nude = <3

Nina Ricci

And what about this delicate mix featuring daffodil, milky lemon and butter yellows on satin, soft leather and peach textured crepe? 

2/ The comeback of the houndstooth (and taken for)

Sir Mc Cartney’s daughter is being mischievous with her print heritage.

  • with baby blue

Stella Mc Cartney

  • with an horse print

Stella Mc Cartney

If you do not have an horse print at home, any matching prin will work (I tested for you)

  • sexy monochrome

Stella Mac Cartney

Ok, the print monochrome is not easy to pull out and requires quite an investment, but the houndstooth mini dress sounds perfect and easy to wear isn’t it? 

In the meanwhile, Guillaume Henry create playful féminine dandy’s.

  • with lace

Nina Ricci

How fun is it to mix a print as old school as tartan with sultry lace? 

3/ Creative lace

For evening outfits as sophisticated as those seen in Clare Wright Weller’s last collection for Chloe.


The embroidered black transparent flounces mix with classic tailored pants in an all black look is the perfect balance between feminine and masculine pieces.

Look of delicate the cuts of those sleeves are! <3


Same expert craftsmanship on this little black dress which lace makes geometric cuts look ultra romantic.

4/ Extralong top opened on pants

For a fluid and long silhouette as seen at Céline.


5/ Warm caramel and precious blue mix

A magnificence spotted (as often when it comes to color mix) on Dries Van Noten’s runway.

And do not miss his show which, if it is definitely not his best one, features many 40 something women, proving that retirement at 30 in the fashion industry makes no sense.

Dries Van Noten

Shiny blue of the earrings and pants contrast with the warm caramel shade of the teddy bear coat.

6/ The comeback of the beret

Maria Chiguri’s first collection for Dior has been criticized for being a bit easy by many observers.

Yet I think that it is very wearable,  that the pieces are cut to perfection and that the fabrics are gorgeous making it a great collection to my eye.

I also like the romantic vibe of those looks in between the “titi parisienne” and the Dior lady, that contrasts with the former minimalism of Raf Simons.

And to be a true parisienne, well, you need a beret don’t you?


Kinky beret, workwear looking shapes cut in high end cashmere worn with sexy heels and tights. 

Observe how the beret is worn: both on the side and on the back.

The famous hat has also been spotted on trendsetters around the shows… definitely coming back!

7/ Pavement princess

Raw hessian with tull: a fantastic clash!


Also works with satin and jeans, lace and wool, diamonds and rust…

8/ Pudding bowl hairstyle

Do you really say this? Of you don’t do not blame me but google please ^^

Ok Catherine Mc Neil has been seen in Milan and Ny too but this earrings where definitely my favs with her hairstyle.

Instagram Isabel Marant

And you? Have you found inspiration in the parisian shows? 

Cover collage: Nina Ricci, Stella Mc Cartney


8 Responses to “Fashion week inspiration: Paris”
  1. Wendy says:

    Contrary to the appallingly snooty reviewer on, whose ego was evidently bruised by the shocking insult of the main man leaving it to his underling to do the hat doffing and boot kissing expected by the almighty reviewer, my favourite was Maticevski — see

    I keep looking at that collection over and over again, and wanting to buy at least half of it. And yes I would wear those amazing statement sleeves. There is nothing in that collection I wouldn’t wear. Will it ever be available to buy?! So often, things I see in a show are never actually offered for sale. It is so very frustrating. Please, please, Maticevski, make and offer for sale everything in this collection!

  2. I love your Fashion Week series. So far I like Milan best, and it has inspired me to look for Italian inspirations.

  3. MABdeParis says:

    Ah, je l’attendais ce dernier opus “Inspiration fashion week” après ceux de Milan et New York.

  4. Veronique says:

    Merci pour ce bel article! J’aime particulièrement la dentelle créative et les camaïeux. Ça me donne envie de me composer une tenue bois de rose/nude/ caramel avec ce que je possède. J’aime bien les exercices.

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