Fashion week inspiration: Milan

In Milan the clothes were as usual much more on the baroque side of fashion.

Eccentric prints, accessories overload and crazy fabrics were all over the place.

Which is visually stunning yet more difficult to convert into daily life wearable clothes.

If you want to get some of that vibe my easiest recommendation is… to actually purchase one magnificent item.

It could be a embroidered sweater, a land printed dress or a voluminous collar for instance.

And then mix it with more classic clothes.

Of course, you could as well go totally Gucci! That is just less easy to achieve on a daily basis ^^

These are a few of my favorite things

1/ Pin gold on black

This magic look reminds me of the dreamy art nouveau style.

Add drops on gold on your all black outfit like on a starry night.

It can be worn both day and night.

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti


2/ Make menswear ultra feminine

Belt your prince de galles jacket and wear it with a flowy knee length skirt and seventies boots. Note how one print and two colors were harmoniously mixed here.


Choose a longer shirt and blazer and wear nothing underneath. You could pick classic tights instead of those super sexy, super high boots ^^


3/ Add a third layer to your suit

Play it like a gentlewoman to the end!


4/ Dare scarlett red everywhere!

Add flash of it with dark olive green and other earthy tones.


With pale salmony pink


With blue and orange understated shades


5/ Belt with a scarf and let it hang


6. Wear the hanger on your necklace in the front


And you, have you spotted other beautiful stylings in Milan? 

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  1. MABdeParis says:

    Vos quatre dernirs posts = un vrai régal;

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