Style icone: Anna Karina

The so parisian Anna Karina is born in Danemark but has lived in Paris since she moved there at the age of seventeen.
Proof that being parisian is not related to where you are born.

After being the muse of Jean-Luc Godard’s movies, she played in lots of famous directors movies and remains an icon of Nouvelle Vague.

Her style is simple yet sophisticated and has the youthful freshness of the sixties.

Anna Karina hat and sweater

Flats, ankle revealing jean, a big sweater and a cool hat

Anna Karina LBD

Little black dress (+ cigaret)

Danish Actress Anna Karina

Hat and eyeliner

Anna Karina man coat

Smoking in a men’s coat

Anna Karina bangs and cigaret

Anna Karina’s famous bangs (and a cigaret)

Anna Karina messy hair liner boyish outfit

Wild hair and cool shirt

Anna Karina white overall

So easy chic in white (still smoking)

Anna Karina pencil skirt

Pencil skirt, lamé belt and cardigan (and cigaret, Anna smokes too much)

Trench anna Karina

Beige trench, a must have! (on smoke break)

Anna Karine plaid pants

Funny look frm a movie, love that ankle revealing plaid pants


Trench close-up and… a pipe!

Want more Anna?

She even has a dedicated tumblr

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