How to wear mustard yellow?

Hello yellow!

Reader’s request: Today someone googled “how to wear mustard yellow” and landed on my blog so I decided to answer her.

My answer:

Mustard yellow is not as hard to wear that it might seem and it is a very chic color that often comes back with autumn (probably to match the falling leaves).

Plus it is much more flattering for the complexion (any complexion) than you might think.

So with what colors could you match a mustard yellow item?

Here are some outfits I created:

1. With automnal colors

Mustard yellow camaieu outfit
Mustard yellow camaieu outfit by dresslikeaparisian

Mustard yellow is a warm color that evoques automn leaves. In this outfit I paired it with similar colors such as a soft bronze, a dark burgundy and a creamy chocolate. The rich textures of the shiny golden scarf and of the leopard pump contribute to make the outfit both chic and bohemian.

2. With complementary eggplant color

Mustard yellow + eggplant mid season
Mustard yellow + eggplant mid season by dresslikeaparisian

On the color wheel, purple is on the opposite of yellow. Therefore they complete each other harmoniously in this look. I have chosen an eggplant hue which is much somber than the mustard yellow hue in order not to overload the look with bright colors as I explained in my article about how to match colors. Then I associated neutral black shoes, gold jewels which is a “warm” metal, a sophisticated bordeaux lipstick in a shade close to eggplant and a pale pink nailpolish which is also in pink hues.

3. With neighbor color dark green

Mustard yellow + dark green + raspberry
Mustard yellow + dark green + raspberry by dresslikeaparisian

Ok this is not obvious but that heeled boot IS dark green ^^ By the way, it proves that you do not have to be eccentric when adding colors in your outfit and you can work it out with subtle shades just like this one. So, in the street you will first notice the dark green boots + mustard yellow coat mix and then a have a glimpse on the raspberry with yoghurt (I invent the colors I feel like inventing ^^) knitted sweater. It all matches cause dark green and mustard yellow are close to each other on the color wheel (what i call neighbor colors) and because the coat is much brighter than the boots. The raspberry-yoghurt shade is on the opposite side of the color wheel, close to the purple and contains more white than the two other colors which makes it a good match in terms of saturation. I completed the look with neutral black items and natural makeup plus some gold preciousness on the nails.

If all that “saturation” thing seems complicated for you, just remember that too much bright colors together is just TOO MUCH. proof here.
4. With neutral navy blue

Mustard yellow + navy blue
Mustard yellow + navy blue by dresslikeaparisian

Navy blue is a color that matches almost every other color but is just not as obvious as black. That is why, as I wrote many times, I consider it being part of the neutral team. It especially matches the mustard yellow because blue is on the opposite side of the color wheel and because the navy shade is much darker than the yellow shade. I completed the look with some neutral jeans and boots, a hint of shiny raspberry on the nails and lips and a bit of golden earring to enlighten the face. Et voilà!

And you? How do you feel about mustard yellow?

10 Responses to “How to wear mustard yellow?”
  1. Mathilde says:

    Bonjour, des chaussures jaunes moutarde pourraient aller avec une robe grise ?
    Merci d’avance

  2. karima says:

    j’ai une djelaba moutarde et j’aimerais la porter avec un foulard vert

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Bonjour Karima, celà dépend du vert dont il s’agit.
      Sinon, j’apprécie, un bonjour et un s’il vous plait dans les commentaires.
      Merci 🙂

  3. Emilys says:

    Hi! I just bought a mustard yellow dress and I’m planning to wear it with brown combat boots and an army green cargo jacket, what color tights should I wear?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Hi! Honestly. I’ll go for black tights. You already have a lot going on in your outfit!

    • Amelle says:

      Bonjour !

      Je viens d’acheter une jupe crayon couleur moutarde. Avec quelles couleur de collants je pourrais porter si j’associe la jupe avec un chemisier bleue marine ? Et avec quelles chaussures ?

      Merci beaucoup d’avance ☺️

      • Aloïs Guinut says:

        Hello Amelle,
        Je te répondrai dans un futur lookmaker, mais ça va prendre du temps vu que je suis très occupée en ce moment 🙂
        Bien à toi,
        Ah et côté collants, du noir semi-transparent.

  4. Adrianna says:

    Merci pour cet article, je suis une fan absolue du jaune moutarde alors toutes tes idées de tenue sont les bienvenues ! Un gros coup de coeur pour la première tenue que tu proposes d’ailleurs !! 🙂

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