Flare jeans spring outfitspirations

“After reading your post about flare pants, I purchased one. Could you give me some inspirations to style it for spring in a casual chic like for a lunch/ cafe in the city?”

Avec plaisir!

1. Boho style


Flare jeans boho cute

Platform look great with flares. It is how they wore it in the seventies. A fluid white shirt half tucked in the jeans will enlighten the skin. I completed with a boho necklace and a some natural leather accessories to keep with the natural hippy inspired tones.

Alternatives: Boho cream platforms + Black bucket bag  + Pink pendant necklace

2. English university style

Flare jeans flash green

A flash of green to celebrate spring tempered with a navy blue blazer cause it is not that warm yet. Tan suede boots fit the fresh color harmony and the satchel bag concur with the librarian style.

Alternatives: Flashy green top + fluid navy blazer + cream boots + shoulder bag in natural leather

3. Subtly sensual

Flare jeans sweet leaves

Show some shoulder on a date… The black of the sweater is softened by a pale color harmony with cotton blues and mint stone. A bit of gold and rust warm the look. And the satchel remain discreet.

4. Posh with a twist

Flare jeans navy blue

A fluid navy blouse, a gold bangle, a square bag and burgundy liptstick. All that sound very posh. But the flare, the knot, and the yellow shoes make the look

5. Hard candy

Flare sweet meets cosy

A soft V pink V neck sweater and blue flare jeans look very girl next door from the nineties and maybe a bit boring. So I added tough girl items on side like niker boots and jacket. Bold red lips add some sexyness and attitude.

Ready to wear your flare?

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    J’adore ton blog je te suis depuis tes débuts mais je viens de tilter qu’on pouvait mettre des commentaires XD bravo! <3

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