Black tie outfit with long dresses

Last time I published “prom night advices” featuring only short dresses, a reader told me that some schools require long gowns. So I created long gowns outfits… Yet, as I was about to publish, I realized they were more more suited for Cannes red carpet.

Therefore I am publishing them as general inspiration for anyone who would like to wear a gown to a black tie event 🙂

1/ Gold Marylin

Long gown prom outfit #2


Gold, black and red, the trilogy of glamour. While the dress shines delicately, the shoes, bag and lips are softly velvety.
Use a liner a eventually draw a dot, an heart or a star somewhere on your cheek, like a playful Marylin.
2/ Venomous boudoir
Long gown prom outfit #3


A dress like a mermaid with accessories like precious sea shells and corals like makeup.
The soft pink complements the dark green.
3/ Dark Cinderella
Long gown prom outfit #4

The dress is long yet reveals the legs with a subtle transparence. It looked like a very precious chiffon. Shoes and earrings are baroque princess like while the makeup complements the gothic feel of the dress.

And you? Do you have a long gown event to attend to? 

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