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I am a style coach and personal shopper.

From high-end designers to affordable department stores, I know exactly where and how to pick the right clothes.

I studied fashion at the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode (French Institute of Fashion), founded by business partner and associate of Yves St. Laurent, Pierre Bergé. I then began a career in the creative industries. Three years later, I decided to become a freelance personal shopper, and I started working with women who were visiting France. Many would ask me where to shop, what to buy, whether there were exclusive designers to be found in Paris, where to find a wedding dress – et voilà! My personal shopping and style coaching service was born.

My motto: Buy less, dress better. When you know how to pick the right clothes, you only need a few to look your best.

Spend the afternoon with me to discover the clothes that make you unique.

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Photo of me: Roman Bonnery

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