How to wear tights with open-toe shoes?

Love this time of the year when you have to dress “in between” seasons. It is so fun for fashion! Coats are still here but in a lighter version, you can use thin layers, skip the sweaters… Not ready to get rid of tights yet but eager to wear your open-toed shoes? The is THE perfect […]

How to have fun with make-up?

I like to have fun with my makeup just as much as I like finding new ways to pair the clothes in my closet. On a daily basis, I do not have an usual makeup style, I can go bare face on monday, wear winged liner tuesday, red lips wednesday and a smokey eye on thursday… […]

How to wear the victorian collar?

I am really into this staid attitude you get when you wear a victorian collar. Your chin stands a bit higher, you back is straighter… you feel like a romantic heroine. This shape first appeared under the reign of queen Victoria and became a hit around Europe in the 1880’s. In those prudish times, the idea was […]

How to “unmatch”?

After my “when is matchy too matchy” post, I promised to teach you how “unmatch”. Like the unbirthday of Alice in Wonderland. This technic can work for each and every piece of your outfit. I showed several examples in my “how to match colors post“. But as last time we focused on accessories and small pops of […]

How to wear ballet flats?

I was happy to see some winter in Paris after a month of summer in the southern hemisphere (I know I know, tough time ^^), but enough is enough, I am already bored of snow (yes snow °o°) and am looking forward to spring. Especially for spring outfits to be honest. I miss my trench […]

How to wear a (faux) fur coat?

Hello les chatons, I am finally back from New-Zealand (and Bali on the way)! It was great! Saw the most amazing landscapes there. Because I wanted to  make a noticed come-back, I chose the most controversial subject in fashion world. So before we start on what interests us which is how to wear stuffs, here […]

When is matchy too matchy?

Now that 2015 is gone (may I say we won’t regret it), we are now looking forward to a bright 2016! BONNE ANNEE! (happy new year

How to wear the jumpsuit for a party?

Soon it’s going to be party time. “Yey!” Which means party outfit! “Yey!” Or “Agaaaain? What on earth am I going to work this time?” Maybe you could try the jumpsuit? Classy and less expected than a dress. Because even if jumpsuits have been trendy since 5 years now, you still do not see them […]