How to choose clothes or accessories for a present?

“Awww thanks grandma, for this yellow dress that makes me look totally shallow”, “thanks friends for underestimating the width of my thighs in this miniskirt”, “thanks honey for this killer heels that indeed are feet killers”, “thanks sis for this necklace that is obviously something only you could wear”…

Let’s face it, 3 out of 4 clothes related present we receive or offer are just a complete fail.

Probably because offering something that is meant to be worn is extra tricky, not only do they have to match you personal style but they also have to fit you in every manner (be the right size, be comfortable as in walkable, non itchy, etc).

Nonetheless, when properly chosen, those gift also please the recipient more than none other. And each time he’ll wear you present, he’ll remember you forever (I am being lyrical today).

I have a few tips for you to find this gift that will make you unforgettable.

1/ Choose clothes/ accessories that cannot be the wrong size

Because offering a dress to tight or to loose is a very sure way to upset someone.

Luckily, there are clothes and accessories that do not need to be tried on.

Stating the obvious here:

  • Most jewels
  • Scarves
  • Socks (indeed)
  • Bags

But also, yet somehow more difficult

  • Fluid tops (if you have a basic idea of shoulder width, you shall nail it)
  • Any loose knit (no reason to offer an ugly christmas sweater ^^)
  • A loose dress (make sure about the length and shoulder width)

2/ Choose pieces that stand out (a bit)

If you do not know aaaaaalll the things the person owns, you’d better go for something that is not too common. That’d be too bad if she already had so much black knits that she does not know what to do with them.

Plus it says that you know her enough to be daring. She’ll be happily surprised that you have thought for her about something she maybe would not have considered but actually loves.

Like leopard gloves instead of plain black ones, a necklace with a surprising pendant, a red bag…

3/ Choose timeless pieces

Who said “consistency” in what I advocate for?

If you know the person who you are giving the present to, you also probably know about something that she is missing.

Like pretty diamond (or strass ^^) ear studs because she lost hers recently, or a fluid V neck cashmere sweater because her current one is currently dying, or black very classic pumps because she now is a grown-up woman, etc.

If you find her perfect match, she’ll wear it until the end.

4/ Think as you were her

You are de embodiment of a rock girl, black is your color, leather is your best friend, your hair is allergic to blow-dry and the idea of pleated skirts and pearls makes you nauseous.

Yet, your beloved sister is all about pastel, cute bows, and sophisticated braids.

Offering her something pink would be too difficult for you, yet you could look for something that she would love and has a bit of you inside.

Like a minimalist ring with beautiful mother of pearls?

Or a gold silk camisole?

See, you can find something you agree on ^^

And never offer a present to a family member hoping that you’ll one day (soon) you’ll inheritate it. That is machiavellian of you.

5/ Avoid any major fail factor

Like, erm, leather or wool for a vegetarian (who knows if she did not recently turn vegan), bright red for a super shy girl, horizontal stripes for the ones who always is on a diet, etc.

6/ Take moderate risk

Because receiving something that does not surprise you at all in not that much fun.

So yes, dare offer quality cashmere to the one who only swear by Zara… but explain her how to take care of it.

Dare offer a black and white print to the one who only wears plain black and give her some ideas on how to rock it (“so, basically, you can wear it with everything you own”).

Dare the discreet necklace for the one who does not wear a single jewels. Maybe she’ll sleep with it for the next 10 years.

Alors, oui osez offrir un beau pull en cachemire à celle qui ne met jamais que du Zara cheap. Sans oublier de lui donner le mode d’emploi.

And if you do fail, keep the receipt ^^

6/ Offer a distance personal styling 

With me <3

Or a trip to Paris with it!

I hear some whisper that the recipient may get upset that you think she needs style advice.

But what if she always complains about her style? I would take that as a proof that this gift would please her.

I’ll send you a cute gift card to print out.

And you? Do you do some “outfit” presents or do you avoid them? 

Cover pictures: Faliero Sarti, Pascale Monvoisin

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  4. Cécile says:

    Merci pour les bonnes idées ! Je louchais cet après midi sur de mignonnes chaussettes pailletées au Monop’, en me demandant si je pourrais offrir ça. J’aurais sans doute dû les prendre…mais il n’est jamais trop tard 🙂

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