Poisson d’avril!

Today is april’s first and as a tradition in France we make jokes.

Instead of saying “April’s fool”, we say “poisson d’avril” which means “April’s fish”.

No, it I am not fooling with you! We really use that. You’re fishy today are you? (Well we should all be indeed).

Indeed the most popular joke amongst french kids is to stick a paper fish in the back of someone without him noticing.

This tradition is born when, long long ago, in medieval times,the king decided that the year would begin January the first instead of April first. As it was tradition to offer food presents for the new year, people began to offer fake food present to make a fool of those who forgot that the new year was a few month before. And since it was forbidden for Christians to eat meat until Easter, people offered fake fishes as jokes. Then they began to stick those (and even real fishes erm), in each others back. And that is why the day of “poisson d’avril”, you might encounter french people wearing fish on their back…

To celebrate I decided to make rehabilitate the fact of wearing fish and make it a fashionable statement. I myself am wearing a lobster top and a starfish necklace today.

1. Fish printed skirt outfit

Fish outfit #2

See how the shoes and bag’s colors meet the skirt’s print’s ones? And neutrals to complete the outfit.

You could also go for this Kenzo fish top on a black canvas (try it with a leather skirt or black pants). Or even for this discreet printed black on black Kenzo sleeveless shirt.

2. Fish printed scarf

Fish outfit #1

Yes, yes this are fish on the print. Come on, I would not be fooling around, not today. I mixed its soft yellow and blue colors with other shades of the same colors.

3. Sea creatures necklace

Fish outfit #3

I love Bimba and Lola surrealist necklaces. I paired it with nautical inspired stripes and  blazer as well a a tan skirt that matches the coral detail of the necklace.

I have been sea shopping a bit for you. Here are some other sea jewels you could use.

Fish necklace: Wear it on a plain top (white, grey, navy, etc) or on nautical stripes.

Star fish ring

Macon et Lesquoy, tuna brooch

Macon et Lesquoy Jellyfish brooch

Vintage Saint Laurent brooch and earrings

the little mermaid

Arielle’s hair tutorial

3 Responses to “Poisson d’avril!”
  1. Très jolie sélection !

  2. Esther says:

    Merci pour le tuto coiffure, il est sympa, ce serait chouette que tu nous partage d’autres astuces de cette Arielle !

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Elle en a pas fait d’autre. Juste un tuto lingerie “Comment se faire un soutien-gorge sur une île déserte”. Sinon je peux te suggérer tuto couture les rats de Cendrillon, tutos teinture les bonnes fées de la Belle au bois Dormant et tuto “maitriser le style masculin-féminin” par Mulan.

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