How to wear a beanie

Hello girls,

It’s getting pretty cold here and I thought that now that I told you how to wear a scarf, I’ll also give you some advices on the beanie.

I loooove beanies, they make you outfit look instantly cool.

And no age limit: I think a beanie can look great on a woman in her fifties if properly worn.

So let’s start on how to wear one.

1. Size

Beanies should not be to tigh or they’ll make you head look like… hum commander Cousteau (a french captain).

They should have a bit of empty space over your head but not too much.

The empty space can be in the back, a bit rasta style or the top, more Rihanna style.

– Empty space behind:

red beanie grey scarf 2

– Empty space on the top

white beanie

– Too much empty space is a NO as far as I am concerned. A bit Gandalf like don’t you think? (even though I approuve the rest of this fashionista’s outfit)

Paris Fashionweek day 6, outside Stella McCartney

Natasha Goldenberg

2. Shape

As long as it is not too tight, you can wear whatever shape you like:

– Sporty / Folded

red beanie stripes

– Slouchy

green beanie

Suvi Koponen by Josh Olins for Vogue UK

– With a pompom

pompom beanie

Have fun!

3. Fabric

Just like the scarf, the beanie is close to your face so do not choose a cheap fabric.

Except from that, any fabric can be good!

– Knitted wool

bonnet belle matière

– Faux (or real) fur

beanie the man reppeller stylespotting

The man repeller/ style spotting

You can include lurex, diamonds… Play!

fishnet beanie

Hello it’s Valentine

4. How to wear it

You can wear it either back on your head, letting hairs flowing around, or closer to your eyebrows, just like bangs.

If you have short hair, always show a bit (if you have long hair, they’ll show on sides anyway ^^)

– Back

beanie and scarf

A cup of Jo also has great tips on how to wear a beanie

– Like bangs

Neon beanie


5. Color

Pair the colors of your beanie to the one of your scarf and coat: a colorful beanie should be mixed with neutrals.

If you have a printed coat, go for a neutral beanie

When wearing colors think compatible:

– Green beanie/ Beige coat/ Brown plaid scarf/ mustard gloves

– Red beanie/ black coat/ Marine blue scarf/ Marine blue gloves

– Pink beanie/light  grey coat/ dark grey scarf/ black gloves

Nice color mix there:

beanie and scarf 2

Song of style

beanie and scarf different knit

Chelsa Kees

red beanie classic

Columbine Smille

6. Conclusion

Just like the scarf, the beanie is an accessory that makes winter outfit pop.

If you have several, choose different colors and shapes to make you winter coat look different every day.

Be pretty when fighting the cold!

Bisous de Paris,


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