How to style the trench?

Spring is in less than a month.

Soon I will be able to wear my trench(s) – I have two of them (and would like to have a third one…) – again (yey!).

I love trenches because they are very versatile and makes every outfit look classy.

In one of my very first posts, I gave advices on how to choose a trench and how to wear it.

Today I will give some tips on how to style the trench, or, more precisely, on how to use the trench to style very different outfits.

1. Whatever your style is, the trench is for you

And will easily add class to every outfit.

A. With basic style

The trench itself is a basic.

But basics together can make a stylish look if you have attitude and choose them carefully.


Here the trench is very fluid, which is chic and slightly unusual, the jeans are very stiff which is very stylish and the mules and braids give the attitude.

Outfit suggestion: Fluid trench + mom jeans + heels

B. With girly style

You love girly things but are afraid they will make you look like a little girl?

Use a trench to make your skater mini skirt look like it belongs to a grow-up.

eleonore bridge trench

Eleonore Bridge

be frassy trench

Be frassy

Outfit suggestion: cute skater skirt + short trench + bow heeled sandals

C. With sexy style

That leather skirt and super low V neck sound too sexy for the street?

Just add a trench on your shoulder to cool the look.

camille over the rainbow trench

Camille over the rainbow


Bisous Natasha

Outfit suggestion: Bodycon wrap dress + long trench worn opened + high heels

D. With rock style

Ripped pants, leather pants, washed up jeans, are very rock indeed but you would like to be classy as well?

Use a trench ^^

trench lady moriarty 2

Lady Moriarty

E. With colorful or printed style

Heavy colored and busy outfits can be soften by a plain trench.

colored streetstyle

Stockholm streetstyle

Outfit suggestion: Yellow skirt +


2. Trench can be more than a basic

A. Shape

The fluid trench is THE shape of the moment.
I like it cause it gives the silhouette a really relaxed and elegant allure.

It looks similar to a kimono and suits every bodyshape.

trench lady moriarty

Lady Moriarty

You could choose it in suede fabric, that is very stylish.


Anja Rubik

For other shapes, check out my article on how to wear the trench.

B. Colors

The beige trench is my all time favorite. It is a real basic and will give you that classic effortless chic you are looking for.

Once you own the beige trench, you could purchase other colors.

– Light colors

Light green, pink, blue, yellow…

They are great to twist a “normcore” look made of jeans and white T-shirts.

jeanne damas trench

Jeanne Damas

– Dark colors

Stay rock with black, kaki or navy blue trench.

Be careful though that the trench looks “cool” with a fabric that is rather fluid.

With a stiff fabric I do not know why but I think it looks uncool.

mango and salt trench

Mango and salt

– Bold colors

The trench displays a large colored surface. Therefore with a bright trench, I advice you to stick to neutrals and darker colors with the rest of your outfit.


C. Prints

Yes the trench can be printed!

With those, I advise you to stick to plain elements on side.


Collage vintage

Victoria Cerinodo by Tiago Petrik

Victoria Cerinodo

3. To conclude

As I said in my previous trench post. The trench looks great worn either opened or closed.

One option I like very much  and did not mention last time is wearing your trench closed, as if you were wearing nothing underneath (but you do obviously right? Well, that is your choice. Maybe you are like Carine Roitfeld…). Damn sexy anyway.

The blond salad burb metallic trench

The blond salad wearing a crazy metalic Burberry trench (<3). Do not know what she is wearing underneath.

And you? How do you wear your trench?

Cover collage: Kendi everyday, Tokyo Banhbao

10 Responses to “How to style the trench?”
  1. Emilie says:

    Bonjour !

    Une question me taraude depuis la mode des trenchs fluides : quelle matière choisir pour qu’il remplisse un tant soit son rôle imperméabilisant ? Viscose, Curpo, Lyocell, Polyester, Modal ?
    Je vois aussi beaucoup de trenchs qui ne sont absolument pas lavables ce qui n’est méga pratique …

    Conseillerais-tu une marque en particulier ?

    Merci beaucoup pour tes conseils !

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Mmmmm compliqué. Je te dirais Burberry, THE classique des classiques mais pas donné.
      Et sinon pour qu’il remplisse son rôle imperméabilisant, pas de secret il faut qu’il soit imperméabilisé.
      Je suis assez contente des trenchs comptoir sinon quoiqu’un peu rigides.

  2. Clo says:

    Pardon ! Je voulais dire Aloïs ! (Ma fille s’appelle Héloïse…)

  3. Clo says:

    J’adore moi aussi porter mon trench mais depuis ces derniers temps, je le regarde d’un oeil dubitatif : il est long (m’arrive aux mollets) et je me demande s’il me va si bien que ça (pour mon 1,68 m). Quand on dit que ça va aux grandes, c’est à partir de quelle taille, grande ?
    Par ailleurs, j’ai plutôt une morpho en H et il est plutôt coupe droite que cintrée. Quelle coupe sied mieux à cette morpho ?
    Merci Héloïse pour les conseils 🙂

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Honnêtement le mieux serait que je voie votre trench, c’est très difficille d’établir une “règle” tant ce vêtement est complexe (matière, coupe, et détails comme la ceinture, les boutons entrent en compte).

  4. cécile says:

    Je suis plus blouson en cuir que trench pour les intersaisons. Pour moi, le trench faisait toujours un peu trop “dadame”, surtout s’il est boutonné. Force est de constater selon tes exemples en photos que le trench peut AUSSI être cool…

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      Oui! Ne jamais trop boutonner le trench si on veut garder un look cool! Même dans mes deux derniers exemples “fermé”, elles n’ont boutonné que deux boutons tout au plus.

  5. Susan says:

    I have my Burberry trench and I love it. It is a long coat, kakai color, with the traditional plaid lining. Your post has inspired me to add another trench or two! I especially like the blue trench in your post. Because my Burberry trench is long it goes over short or longer skirts. I also love it with jeans and my black slacks.

    My trench is very seasonal and not good for our very cold winter months. Today it started at 20 degrees and we still have three feet of snow! This is unusual and it should be around 40 degrees. Basically, I am wearing my ski jackets and long johns to keep warm. Susan

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