Clotilde Ranno’s made on measure shirts

This article title may sound surprising for my long time readers because this is the first time I am  promoting a designer.

This is an independent choice of mine: I genuinely love and want to promote the brand I am referring to. And whenever I will do a similar post in the future, it will ALWAYS be this way. Lots of brands have asked me to feature their products here.  Sometimes in exchange of money or gift. I have always refused. Because I thought none of those products deserved my interest. Now I decided that, if I like the brand, whether it is small or big, I may accept.

I met Clotilde last year. She introduced me to her made on measure collection of shirts. I liked the products and the concept. Since then, I recommended some clients of mine to get a shirt from Clotilde Ranno.

A week ago, she introduced me to her new collection. And I was even more thrilled than the first time. The sewing is just THE best I have ever seen. The products are made on measure. And the prices are lower than the ones of luxury brand and even of some high-end brands.

At the end of the presentation I was like “I can’t keep this gem for myself longer” and so I asked Clotilde to answer an interview for my blog in order to present you what she does.

Can you introduce us to your brand Clotilde Ranno? 

This is a brand of made on measure shirts for both men and women. The proportion of women in my customers in constantly growing.

(I also want mention that Clotilde and I met at an Institut Français de la Mode former students reunion)

What is the specificity of Clotilde Ranno’s made on measure shirts?

The customization level of our shirt is even higher than usual “made on measure”. In french we call it “petite mesure artisanale”. Instead of just taking your measurement and apply it on an existing shirt pattern, we custom the shape to fit your body.

I am one of the only 3 brands in the world to offer such a customization level.


The choice and quality of your fabrics is amazing (Clotilde just told me she has more than 2000 of them)! Could you introduce me your favorites? 

Our standard shirt is made of egyptian cotton which is top level: it is hand-picked, hand combed and is not genetically modified.

The yarn is doubled so that it is more resistant yet very light. (She hands me a shirt while speaking and all of this is true^^).

You can then choose the type of thread you prefer: jacquard, herringbone, poplin, oxford, tweed, etc…

For women I often recommend soft blends that include silk or linen and make the shirt more fluid.

And a cashmere and cotton mix which is perfect for winter.

We also have beautiful silks that come from Lyon, capital of silk. (Indeed <3)


How can you custom your shirt? 

You can choose almost everything: the fabric, the shape of the collar, the length of the sleeved, the shape of the wrists, the buttons, the slit of the buttons… you can even make an embroidery with the design of your choice.

(At this point I was mesmerized by the beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons )


Do you have tips for women who want to purchase a shirt? 

  • When you buy a ready-made shirt, make sure it is not tight on the breasts or on the belly. You shall not spot any vertical folds.
  • I really love silk shirt, they look both professional and feminine
  • When you have large hips, you can go for longer cuts
  • I prefer small wrists and low collars on women.
  • If you aim to look leaner, choose apparent buttons with vertical sewing lines (high five on that Clotilde!)

Clotilde and I discussed a lot about our relationship with our clients. I was impressed to see how she is following the fabrication process all the way to the end and how she make sure everything is beyond perfect. As a result, she has faithful clients that come on a regular basis to renew their shirt’s stock. She even delivers outside of France once she has got your size and knows your body. She actually keeps photos of all her clients to remember how they look like and make sure the chosen design is the best for them.

If you are looking for the perfect shirt, just ask her.

She is fluent in english and more than happy to work with far away located clients through skype and emails (the wonders of modern life).

And you? Do you sometime buy made on measure clothes? 

9 Responses to “Clotilde Ranno’s made on measure shirts”
  1. V says:


    Je cherchais depuis des années une chemise en soie (idéalement bleu marine)…Cahier des charges plutot simple en apparence mais mes mensurations ( épaule, poitrine, tour de bras, hanches …) et mon exigence ( longueur, découpe dans le dos, details ) complexifiaient le tout.
    À la suite de la publication de cet article, je me suis donc rendue chez Clotilde.
    On a pesé :
    – le pour ( matière et couleur bleu marine)
    – le contre ( coupe droite alors que je m’étais focalisée sur ca !)
    – et … le autrement : on a opté pour une coupe astucieusement cintrée et légèrement évasée vers le bas … pour mieux épouser ma morphologie tout en laissant de l’air libre à la soie ( associer cette matière à une coupe moulante est un écueil ) …ce qui a demandé mûre réflexion de ma part ( 2/3 semaines ).
    Je ne regrette pas de lui avoir fait confiance ( comme Aloïs, Clotilde vous analysera en un clin, sera à votre écoute et vous guidera dans vos réflexions avec une patience d’ange (!)).
    J’ai récuperé et essayé mon bijoux hier, je suis fan …cela valait sincèrement cet ” effort financier “.
    Prochaine étape : ma en jean.

    Un bon dimanche.

  2. Véronique says:

    J’en veux une 🙂 et une pour Sébastien 🙂

  3. Marie says:

    oui, pour mon mari qui voulait une chemise blanche à col officier, par “Devianne”, choix du tissu, des boutons, etc et broderie avec ses initiales. Un peu plus de 100 euros. Avec prise des mesures, bien sur, que j’ai trouvé longue…

  4. vivien_noir says:

    I never bought made-to-measure garments, only had an evening Dress fitted to my measurements once. I once had a look at one of These 3 brands she mentioned, and was seriously overwhelmed by all the deceisions you had to make before even placing the order! There were collar shapes, Buttons, General cut etc. etc. etc.

    As i hardly ever wear blouses, I’ll skip her Shirts, but I’ll definitely go have a look at her site!

  5. Claire says:

    Magnifique !!
    Mais personnellement, je crois bien que 200 euros ou plus dans une chemise, certes personnalisée et d’excellente qualité, c’est impossible ?!
    Tant pis, je continuerai avec le prêt-à-porter ;-(

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