What capsule wardrobe for two months in Paris in winter?

I found your blog and found it to be well written and relevant.  I will be staying in Paris for 2.5 months Jan to March 2016, and I want to travel with one small suitcase.  I have looked at capsule wardrobes and will be using that concept when I pack.  I am a very plain and basic dresser, so I am interested in those timeless pieces, ones which fit my body and personality, I am 51 and a mother of four, and fit but not thin.  I enjoy walking and being outdoors, and this is a problem, finding the right coat which does not take up a lot of room and yet is somewhat stylish and not bulky – I cannot handle bulk!  So that’s a bit about me, and I look forward to following your blog.
Have an awesome day
Lori from Canada
Dear Lori,
Thanks 🙂
Paris in winter is very cold, so you will need things to cover up.
You will also need outfits for more fancy occasions like a night out.
Here are my packing recommendations:
First, pack colors that suit you and go for neutrals and print-free items either:
– for everything (tops and bottoms)
– for only tops (with bottoms of different colors)
– for only bottoms (with tops of different colors)
This way, you’ll be sure everything will match everything
– A pair of jeans : dark blue would be a must
What about those?
– A pair of chic pants (cigarette or carrots pants for instance)
What about those?
– Another pair of jeans (black for instance) or casual chic pants (corduroy for instance)
What about those?
– A dress for a night out. It can be a little black dress or another color you fancy. I recommend you to go for long sleeves, this way you won’t need to layer.
What about this one? Or this one?
Or this other one?
– Two or three cashmere fluid and warm knitted sweaters (V-neck, crew neck, turtleneck, go for the ones that suits  your personnality). The perfect warm knit for someone who hates  bulk ^^
What about this one?
Or this one?
– A pair or two of comfy yet chic flats: low boots, loafers, brogues, sneakers…
If you go for flat, I recommend to choose a rather thick sole in order to keep your feet warm and dry.
What about those ones? Or those ones?
Or those ones?
– A pair of heeled low boots to go with your dress or pants for a night out
What about those ones?
Pumps are not necessary in Paris in winter, ladies wear heeled ankle boots or low boots in restaurants with their dresses.
– One or two chic tops to wear with your pants on a night out when you do not feel like wearing your dress)
What about this one?
Or this one?
Or this one?
You need a coat that is at least a bit thick since it gets really cold in winter in Paris (I am  very good at beeing “grandma obvious”)
Choose a good warm wool with quality lining
One or two scarves are necessary in winter (or the source of your communications problems with the parisians won’t be your lack of french but your lack of voice.)
You can go either for a neutral and plain color or for someting more fun as anyway, the rest of your outfit will be plain and neutral.
What about this one?
– At least one statement jewel: either necklace or earrings
What about these earrings? Or these?
What about this pendant necklace? Or this ethnic necklace?
– Your usual jewels
I recommend you not to overload 🙂
– Your favorite lipstick
+ a sample of your favorite perfume.
And you are ready to fly.
Bienvenue à Paris 🙂
Capsule wardrobe Paris
Capsule wardrobe Paris par dresslikeaparisian 
10 Responses to “What capsule wardrobe for two months in Paris in winter?”
  1. Mat says:

    Your blog is very helpful

  2. Foggy says:

    Could I get away with a nice lined black trench coat (mid-length) with a warm scarf and sweaters for a week in Paris in December? I feel like it would be easiest to coordinate with my wardrobe. Also, I found a nice classic sleeveless dress, but I can’t say I have thin arms. Its very flattering otherwise, but will my arms be goauche?

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      A trench may a little cold. I’d be you I’d rather bring a wool coat. It does not need to be super thick but a bit won’t arm.
      Regarding the dress, if you feel your arm are not your best asset, why not cover them with a nice jacket or cardigan?

  3. abc says:

    Faulty links for middle dress, both knits, first shoe
    Very much enjoy your blog

  4. Francine says:

    I love your blog! Just wanted to let you know that some of the links for your suggestions do not work. Im not going to paris, but french people are so stylish, I want to dress like one!

  5. Lori says:

    Thank you so much for the taking the time to address my wardrobe concerns! I appreciate everything you had to say, and of course, it is especially helpful to be advised what other women in Paris are wearing during the winter months. Kind regards, Lori

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