Personal styling and shopping

My goal is to help you discover the best of Paris’ endless fashion possibilities. Whether you like bohemian chic or classy minimalism, I will help you find your dream clothes.

I will also be your personal stylist for the day. Throughout our shopping experience, I will counsel you on how to dress your best every day and night.

At the end of the day, I will deliver to you a notebook with individualized shopping and styling tips, tailored to your occasion, figure, and taste.

Personal shopping and styling
My most sought-after service.
Benefit from a personal stylist who will provide guidance and honest feedback.

Shops discovery
Discover Paris’ most outstanding fashion locales. A good choice for those seeking new designers or exclusive shops.

Complete outfit shop and style
Get dressed from head to toe (clothes, accessories, makeup, etc.) in an everyday outfit, and benefit from individualized shopping tips you can use in the future.

Occasion shopping
Best friend’s wedding ? Chic dinner in town ? I will help you find the perfect outfit.

Shop with friends
Discover the best of Paris fashion with your friends.

Custom shopping
Tell me that you are looking for, and I will design the perfect day in Paris.

Long-distance services
Not in Paris ? Arrange a Skype consultation with me. I will assemble some outfits best suited to your figure and style. Like your own Paris-based personal stylist.

Every service includes a pre-consultation so I can best prepare the perfect shopping experience according to your style, expectations, needs, and budget.


Distance styling: 120€ for skype + PDF with 10 shoppable outfits PDF, bodytype and styling tips

2 hours : 160 €

3 hours : 235€

4 hours (half day): 300 €

5 hours: 350€

6 hours: 400€

7 hours (full day) : 450€ (can be splitted into half days)

Distance advices: 120€ (skype or email questions + 10 outfits suggestions with shopping links + bodytype and styling advices)

Service in languages other than French, English or German : Priced upon request

Chauffeur service : Priced upon request

Additional expenses such as lunch or taxi fares are not included.

In addition to shopping and styling, I can also book reservations in some of Paris’ best lunch locales. Let me tell you about the history of Paris and anything else you could possibly want to know about French food, culture or couture.

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8 Responses to “Personal styling and shopping”
  1. Good evening;

    I’m reaching you from Mexico City, as one of my customers is in Paris right now, and wants to plan something really special for her 11 years old daughter birthday, this Friday.

    They are going to be staying at Mandarin Oriental, and would like to have a full day of pampering. One of the most important thing for him is to have someone from your staff helping and guiding them through a personal shopping experience, maybe in Galeries Lafayette or any other top of the line Boutiques you might suggest.

    They plan to have a helicopter ride over Paris, and after that, to have this private tour experience with you guys.

    Would you please let us know about your availability for Friday, quotes and payment methods, please.

    Kindest regards;

  2. Ella says:

    I live in New York City… Have pretty good sense of style but I need more of Parisian touch. I’m kind of on budget and I have restrictions on what I can wear due to religious reasons.
    Can you help me through Skype

  3. JA says:

    Need a makeover!! Please contact me.

  4. jackie says:

    I am in new york. I want to dress this style but I am on a budget. Can you help me pick out some key “must have” items we can get on the internet that would help me with this?
    Can we Skype maybe and see what things I have here that you could look at and then dress up to make them more parisian with some key internet items or something?
    Any other ideas? T

  5. Johanna says:

    Hello Alois. I will be in Paris from August 27 -29 this summer, traveling from London with my four children. My youngest daughter is 12, and I would love nothing more than to hire you for a few hours to help us shop. Are you available on any of those days? Perhaps for a few hours?
    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Laura says:

    J’ai fait la session la consultation dressing avec Aloïs et c’était absolument génial. Nous avons passé trois heures à repenser ma garde-robe à partir de ce qu’elle contenait déjà. ça vaut vraiment le coup.

    J’aime beaucoup m’habiller, mais je ne sais pas toujours ce qui convient à ma morphologie, ni comment éviter les erreurs de style. Je suis souvent pressée le matin et j’agis avec de “vieux réflexes”, sans vraiment réfléchir.
    Après m’avoir questionnée sur mes habitudes quotidiennes, Aloïs m’a aidée à en adopter de nouvelles.

    Je lui ai ensuite montré des vêtements que j’aime bien mais que je n’ai jamais réussi à porter. Aloïs a tout de suite déployé pleins d’idées originales sur la manière de les assortir et de les accessoiriser.

    Au final Aloïs a déniché au fond de mes placards plein de nouvelles tenues. Elle m’a ensuite envoyé un récapitulatif écrit de tous ces assemblages. Elle m’a aussi fait parvenir plein de liens vers une sélection de chaussures et d’accessoires qui me manquaient pour pouvoir mettre en valeur tous mes habits (mais que j’avais un peu la flemme de chercher).

    J’ai aussi découvert plein d’astuces sur la manière d’assortir les formes et les couleurs. Jusque là, je m’étais arrêtée à la fameuse règle du “maximum 3 couleurs dans une tenue”. Mais j’ai découvert, qu’il y avait bien plus que ça à savoir…

    A la fin des trois heures passées ensemble, pleines de rire et de bonne humeur, j’avais une foule d’idées et de tenues à ma disposition.
    (et en petit bonus, on avait fait du vide dans mes placards!).

    A faire absolument!
    Merci Aloïs!

  7. Elizabeth schmidt says:

    I am traveling to Paris the last week of April, I would love to meet you and have you shop with me, are you available then? Thank you, Elizabeth schmidt

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