How to wear my dark grey sequins leggings?

Can I ask your opinion on a shiny outfit? Dark grey sequin leggings, white button up shirt, fuchsia v neck cashmere tunic, and black heels. Rhinestone clutch. I generally wear the leggings with a black tunic but I want to try something different!


Hello Rashna,

I think your outfit is a nice idea in terms of shapes because the cosy top balances the sexy shiny leggings which is nice for a dinner for instance. So bravo!

But I think that the addition of a flashy color and of additional stones sounds “too much”.
The rhinestone clutch will be at your hip level and will blend on the other glitter, so I’d go for something less shiny (remember my only one sparkly piece per outfit rule).
I also assume that “black heels” means pumps and am not so found of the legging + pumps combo which appears as slightly tacky to me.

Here are my suggestions to make a shiny cosy outfit for a new years eve dinner.

But before I begin let’s see what your outfit choice looks like (well, I did my best with the given informations ^^).

1. Your outfit suggestion

Somehow too flashy outfit

2. White button up, black sweater and green low boots

Sequins layered button up outfit

This outfit is really close to the one you had in mind minus flashy color and pumps.

I kept the idea of the layering you suggested cause I think it really brings the sequins leggings to a more casual style.

Like you did, I also chose the choose a longer top which hides the bum because leggings are not pants so you want to cover the crotch area.

Instead of pumps, I picked low boots in a very deep green shade in order not to draw to much attention. What I like about low boots is that they make the leggings look rock instead of bling. The complementary purple (no glitter) on the nails makes it pop.

For accessories I chose a pendant necklace to dress up the sweater and deep raspberry lipstick.

You could finish the look with a matte or velvet clutch.

2. White button up and black boots

Bow shirt sequins leggings outfit

Here is a freezier yet nice way to make an outfit out of your leggings and a button up. You could add a black/navy blazer or cardigan.

The burgundy clutch and lipstick add some color.

I like the fact that velvet/suede does not shine as much as plain leather

4. Baby blue sweater and blue boots

Baby blue sweater sequins leggings outfit
Here I remained in a cosy theme with a cashmere sweater as you picked initially.
Baby blue is a soft cold color that nicely blends with grey.
I finished the outfit with a pendant necklace that brings some action in the sweater, blue booties in a deeper shade of blue and a hint of red to cheer everything up.

5. Teal blue tunic and kitten heels booties

Blue tunic sequins leggings outfit
I liked the black tunic look you described. But I get that you get bored with black. Why not try a rather dark yet different color? Such as teal blue for instance.
Then roll the sleeves like a cool girl, add some accessories such as different earrings (I like to wear the “mise en Dior” earring with a stud because as a pair it looks to “expected” to me), a fun clutch and a noticeable dramatic lipstick.
Hope you found some new ways to style your leggings!
Bises de Paris, 
2 Responses to “How to wear my dark grey sequins leggings?”
  1. Mamania says:

    Hello, dear Alois, thanks for the dressing tips.

    I bought this faux leather dress with cutouts:

    And I want to wear it during winter. I’m thinking of a fluffy lime sweater that I already have, and wear it as a jumper under the dress.

    Any other ideas for an outfit and the footwear that would make a modern look. 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

    • Aloïs Guinut says:

      The idea is nice, but the contrast looks to sharp and a bit too eighties to me.
      You could go for the fluffiness in a lighter color.
      Also, if I may say, the attached dress looks really faux and that alone may create a “tacky” outfit

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